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Virus/Spyware Removal

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Spriden Technology Services is a dynamic ICT company that offers personalized service to its Commercial and Residential clients. We are qualified and energetic IT professionals with a keen focus on acquiring and maintaining strong business relationships. We offer a solid foundation by our work ethics and guiding principles of getting the job completed on time, with an aggregate of over twenty five years’ experience among our technical service team. Having a true passion for technology is not easily obtained; it is a natural inclination which we pride ourselves in having in abundance.


We understand that accessing information real time has become a necessity in order to work, carry out research, family life, engage in online networking activities, leisure and prepare for our educational pursuits. Given this explosion in technology there is an urgent need by customers to find friendly, efficient, trustworthy, reliable and personalized service at their fingertips, especially when there are many available options in the market.

Technology Spotlights

  • Old Whiteboards are becoming a thing of the Past! Trace Boards are the latest in smart interactive whiteboards that are great for use in Business Presentations and Classroom environments.
  • Ensuring your PC is always protected from intruders - spyware/adware, malicious viruses are a big deal especially in windows platform. Using Mc Afee, Avast anti-viruses can aid in safeguarding your software.
  • USB flash drive device aids in transporting files and in backing up important documents. However, did you know that your USB can lock down your PC, store passwords and even run an entire operating system.
  • Hackers have now declared war on your Android devices such as your smart phone- you can be susceptible to security threats if your mobile runs the Android operating system. Be aware of the applications that comes with your smart phone.
  • Cloud Applications continue to make headways in the technology market. End Users are able to access cloud applications through a web browser, while the business data and software are stored on servers at a remote location.